All our units are strictly non smoking. Please enjoy your cigarette on the balcony or at the garden.

Quiet times:

Especially on holidays it can be really funny. But please respect the neighbours and keep quiet between 10pm and 6am. Many thanks

Garbage removal:

Austria is playing a pioneering role in garbage removal. At every unit you will find different bins. Please put plastic into the bin with yellow lid. Please put paper and cardboard into the bin with red lid. Please put any food remains into the bin with green lid. Everything else goes into the bin with black lid. If you don`t find all of the bins at your unit please look into the guest map. We will point out where to find the public bins. Please empty all of your garbage bins before departure. If you don`t find time to do this we have to charge EUR 30 from your damage deposit.


Everyone has a different taste and so it happens often, that guests rearranged the furniture. Please don`t do this! We urgently request not to move the furniture as this can cause damage to the furniture and the floors and at some units the furniture is screwd down to the floor. If we find the furniture rearranged after your departure we will charge EUR 30 from your damage deposit and the costs for repairments.


Pets are allowed at most of our untis for a small fee. Please ask before booking.


Between Check out and Check in we have to clean all units. Our cleaning stuff are true masters of their craft and they really enjoy when you put your used dishes into the dish washer.